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Bulk Containers go by many names but you can find them here at Reusable Transport Packaging

Plastic Gaylords, Collapsible Bulk Bins, Collapsible Bulk Boxes, Collapsible Bulk Pallets, Knock-Down Bulk Boxes, Knock-Down Pallet Containers, Pallet Boxes, Bulk Containers, Bulk Storage Containers, Reusable Bulk Containers

Our industry standard bulk containers are perfect for almost any application. Heavily used in the automotive industry, these bulk containers have proven their worth in a broad range of applications. These durable bulk boxes stand up to the tough demands of distribution, manufacturing and processing. These bulk bins can be easily cleaned and even repaired if needed. The 34" height meets ergonomic standards while the 48x45 footprint allows for maximum cube utilization in over the road trailers.

Why use Used Bulk Containers?

  • Folding bulk containers, industrial totes, and metal storage bins are used over and over again within a facility or between a supplier and a customer.
  • They can be used literally thousands of times.
  • Collapsible bulk boxes are much cheaper in the long term when compared to buying cardboard boxes and wood crates every time that product is shipped.
  • Savings can be observed in the per piece packaging cost.
  • While the upfront investment in returnable packaging may cost more, savings can be realized quickly through repeated use (the same bulk containers, metal bins, and totes are used over and over), labor (no more box assembly), material handling (fewer moves from stackable containers), quality (fewer rejects due to damaged packaging), and floor space (plastic and metal containers can stack very high).
  • The per piece packaging costs for used bulk containers and totes can be as low as 5% of the costs for a comparable expendable solution, depending on shipping volumes.
  • Returnable packaging also reduces waste created by your business.



Collapsible Bulk Containers

Plastic Collapsible Bulk Containers · Steel Collapsible Bulk Containers · Wire Collapsible Bulk Containers · Other Collapsible Bulk Containers

Fixed Wall Bulk Containers

Roto Molded Fixed Wall Bulk Containers · Injection Molded Fixed Wall Bulk Containers · Structural Molded Foam · Custom Fixed Wall Bulk Containers

Insulated Bulk Containers

Chest Style Dry Ice Containers (8) · Insulated Bulk Box (7) · Insulated Bulk Containers (7) · Insulated Liquid “Bag In The Box” (BIB) Bulk Container · Insulated Polar Containers (12) · Protein Recovery Container Systems (4) · Small Boxes (11)

Liquid Bulk Containers

IBC Liquid Shipping Container (3) · Insulated Liquid “Bag In The Box” (BIB) Bulk Container · Collapsible Liquid Bulk Boxes

Sleeve Pack Containers

Sleeve Pack Containers (10)

Hopper Bulk Containers

48" x 45" Hopper Bottom Container (6) · Bon-Hopper (2) · Single Wall Reusable Hoppers (4) · Side Discharge Hoppers (4) · 45 Degree Bottom Discharge Hopper (3) · 60 Degree Bottom Discharge Hopper (2) · Cylindrical Hoppers (3)

Corrugated Cardboard Bulk Containers

Specialty Corrugated Paper Containers



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