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Dunnage, Dividers & Partitions

Recycled plastic dunnage is used to elevate pallets, crates, boxes, and containers for easy lift by forklift machinery. Plastic dunnage is preferred by deployment personnel because it does not require inspection by international agricultural inspectors. Plastic dunnage does not harbor wood-boring insects or worms and can be used multiple times country to country.

Reusable Transport Packaging has all the Dunnage, Dividers and Partitions to fit your shipping and storage needs.

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Collapsible Dunnage Box

Collapsible boxes have custom designed, interior dunnage that cannot be lost or damaged. The container has the strength and durability of an injection molded pallet box. The expert design of this collapsible box offers a 3:2 return ratio with attached interiors. They are collapsible for shipment but then the interiors and side walls pop up easily and quickly.
You have several options for the interior textiles to safely guard your products from scuffing and damage. The outer shell is injection molded and keeps your contents safe from external factors.
Collapsible boxes are reusable so you can get various interiors designed to fit different products


Cubix Racks

The Cubix side-loading rack is built to accommodate all dunnage sizes and designs to create a container that protects parts handling. This durable, one-piece reusable rack can handle and deliver parts to the line faster than ever, replacing heavy metal transport racks. By reducing handling times and being recyclable, Cubix containers will lower labor costs.

The Cubix racks are available with a single or double-sided access and are a cost-effective way of designing custom racks, by eliminating tooling, weeks of prototyping and manufacturing that often occur with metal racks. Cut and weld technology can be used to design and build custom racks quick and efficiently- All racks are built with a durable metal frame that can be removed ...


Transport Equipments


Custom Dunnage, Dividers & Partitions



This revolutionary packaging is extremely efficient, user friendly, long-lasting, and has an amazing ergonomic design. It was specifically designed for customers' needs. Slide-Pak Fix Wall Container gives you considerably greater part densities without foregoing the exceptional protection to delicate products.

The custom designed dunnage system is on moveable rollers and is in a traditional molded pallet rack or box. It is hinged in for easy access. Also, the multi-layer design allows for the maximum number of parts per shipment, thus reducing your shipping fees and the size of your returnable fleet.

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