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Reusable Trans Pack - Reusable and Returnable Shipping. Pallets, shipping boxes and more. Great web specials on all reusable shipping. supply reusable, sustainable solutions for all types of shipping, storage and distribution applications. Our products are Eco-Friendly and engineered with Ergonomics in mind. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will help save you money while we enable you to make
an impact on your local community by helping you to "Go Green"
More Details >>

Ted Thorsen Material Handling - Since 1953, we have proudly offered competitively priced, cost-effective materials handling solutions, as well as custom designs to our national and international customers. material handling products suit a full range of industries, including apparel and soft goods, manufacturing and distribution, electronics and assembly, automotive, healthcare and pharmaceutical, hospitality, retail, and more.Custom Capabilities set us apart from our competition. Ted Thorsen offers modification of an existing product or a totally new custom design, we can provide you the best material handling solution. More Details >>

Buy Used Racks - is your one-stop source for all your Racking & Shelving needs. We specialize in many different types of used pallet & shelving storage systems that will increase your efficiency and help you get organized! We are sure that we can meet the needs of every company and warehouse that has storage requirements. More Details >>

Sustainable Transport Packaging - Sustainable Transport Packagi ng is a reseller, master distributor and custom manufacturer of the broadest range of returnable and reusable plastic packaging available today. With their corporate office located in Madeira Beach, Florida, multiple stocking locations across the country, products readily available, national and international coverage, Sustainable Transport Packaging has got what it takes to ensure your operation is a success. More Details >>

Buy Used Containers - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, right? Buying used bulk containers, plastic pallets and hand-held containers will Reduce your material handling expenses by providing you with the containers you need for your operation at a fraction of the cost of new. These pallets and containers often out live their need for the initial project they were purchased for and can be Reused over and over again for other applications. At the end of their usable life you can Recycle your containers and pallets and even make back some of your money by selling them as scrap. Why Buy New may be a better question. More Details >>

Orbis Bulk Boxes - Plastic, Reusable Bulk Containers will protect your products during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution applications in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, poultry, automotive, appliance, aerospace, bakery, produce, apparel and electronics.

Sleeve Packs - PLASTIC OCTAGONAL SLEEVE PACK - STEP-PAK BULK CONTAINERS - Plastic - Reusable - Economical - Eco-Friendly Sleeve Pack containers offer a special fitted plastic pallet, top, and a collapsible corrugated sleeve. This results in an extremely rugged and remarkably impact-resistant product. Sleeve Packs, sometimes referred to as Plastic Gaylords, are a light weight alternative to heavier molded plastic bulk containers. They are available in multiple footprint sizes and can be tailor-made to meet your height requirements.

Automotive Containers - We supply the auto making industry with automotive containers and dunnage. Whether you are looking for 10 containers to 10,000, we’ve got you covered. We offer standard sizes as well as custom sizes

Macro Bins - Plastic - Reusable - Economical - Eco-Friendly This popular storage container is a made in one-piece and has been engineered for maintenance-free, high-impact environments. The HDPE structural foam offers the most durable material for heavy-load capacities and rigorous demands.


48x40 Export Pallets - We provide low cost export pallet solutions that meet ISPM-15 standards when and where you want them.Plastic pallets do not need to be Methyl Bromide fumigated, which eliminates the costs of documentation and heat treating wooden pallets.Weight and size is precise for exact transportation costs.

Ted Thorsen Catalog Page - CATALOG.TEDTHORSEN.COM is a reference and idea site for use as a supplement to TedThorsen.com, our e-commerce site. If you are shopping online and do not see what you need, feel free to browse through our online catalog. You will find many useful and innovative material handling products and ideas which can be ordered by phone at 1-800-233-8358

RTP Logistics - RTP Logistics is a shipping company that offers services that cover any transport application. . We can ship any product to any place, making our reliability, your success.Our goal is to increase company’s distributions speed and efficiency, through cost saving solutions. RTP Logistics can offer a variety of smart and innovative options to fit any shipping need.

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