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Plastic Pallets on Reusable Transport Packaging

The pallet has come a long way since its introduction back in the early 1900's. This shipping platform, also know as a "skid", was first designed from wood and was comprised of 3 stringers and some top boards. Today most pallets on the market are still being made from wood, but there is an increasingly large number of pallets now being made from plastic, metal, blended materials that are available in countless configurations and footprints (pallet footprint consists of LxW). While the traditional standard in the US is the 40x48 pallet, lots of other sizes are now on the market and when needed, custom pallets can be fabricated or molded to meet a specific requirement.

Reusable Transport Packaging
offers an extensive line of quality new & used pallets at the right price. We offer plastic pallets, metal pallets, custom pallets, specialty pallets and we are now offering used pallets as well. Whether you are interested in a one-way pallet or a heavy-duty pallet for your closed loop system we have the pallet for you. If you need a super heavy-duty pallet or have a concept for a pallet specific to your application we can make it!

Is a reusable pallet a good investment? If you have the ability to have your shipping pallets returned or if you are shipping to your distribution center or back and forth between plants then the dollars will make sense! Reusable Transport Packaging will help you calculate a cost analysis which will provide you with a cost-per-use of your current pallet vs a reusable pallet.

Why are plastic pallets better than wood?

  • Last 10-50 times longer than wood
  • Have residual (trade-in) value
  • Plastic pallets are recyclable
  • Field tested with over 3 million delivered
  • 2,800 pound rackable to ASTM standards  
  • Each pallet prevents 50 pounds of post industrial plastic from going in landfills
  • Each pallet prevents 50-70 pounds of wood from being used in a pallet thus helping reduce deforestation and associated landfill of used/broken wooden pallets
  • Plastic pallets are perfect for closed loop systems
  • Plastic pallets have substantially lower life cycle costs (cost per trip) the wood
  • No maintenance/repair-reground to make a new plastic pallet when damaged
  • No exposed nails, wood chips, or broken boards
  • Non-porous and non-permeable for better sanitation
  • No bug or biological infestation
  • Lighter than wood (less shipping cost)
  • Helps companies comply with rapid health, safety and regulatory changes occurring
  • Overcomes many wood pallet logistic and handling issues

View our whole selection of Plastic Pallets below or call (727) 319 - 2300  for more information.


Heavy-Duty-Pallet-Nestable W/lip

Nestable Pallets

Nestable Pallets · Standard Nestable Pallet · Heavy-Duty Pallet Nestable · One-Way Nestable Pallets (2) · Light-Duty Pallet Series Pallet (6) · Medium-Duty Pallet Series Pallet (12) · Recycled Plastic Pallets (14) · Recycled Plastic Pallets 2 (14) · Top and Bottom Cap Pallets · Automotive Platforms · Light Duty Nestable Pallets · Medium Duty Nestable Pallets · Heavy Duty Nestable Pallets

Rackable Pallets

40 x 48 OP CIISF Rackable Pallets (4) · 36 x 36 CIISF Reusable Pallets · Heavy-Duty Pallet Series (2) · Heavy-Duty Rackable 40 x 32 Pallet · Heavy-Duty Rackable 37 x 37 Pallet (2) · Heavy Duty Rackable 44 x 48 Pallet (4) · Heavy-Duty Rackable 48 x 40 Pallet (9) · MAGNARAX Picture Frame Pallet (2) · Universal Pallet · Rack-able Pallet FD-3240

Stackable Pallets

HD Structo-Cell Pallet (2) · Stackable Pallets · Universal Pallet (2) · Plastic Pallets (5) · Standard Stackable 6-Rail Base Pallet · Light-Duty Pallet Series Pallet (6) · Recycled Plastic Pallets (11)

Export Pallets

40 x 48 Export Structural Pallet (3) · 40 x 48 Export Pallet · Export Pallet (2) · Plastic Pallets for International Shipping (5)

Specialty Pallets

37 x 18.5 Delivery Pallet · 48" x 45" & 48" x 40" Pallets (2) · Heavy-Duty Pallet & Seat Belt Series (5) · Medium Duty Pallet & Seat Belt System (2) · Pallet System (4) · Pallet with Flame Edge Fire Resistant Technology · 32 x 30 Pallet & Top Cap (2)

Custom Pallets

Parts Trays · Custom Pallets



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